FARGA olive oil PDO 0’5L


One hundred, five hundred, up to a thousand years of history. The resistance of this olive tree is comparable to the quality of its oil. A territory aware of its landscape value keeps it working the land. To enjoy it is to contribute to its sustainability.

OOVE Lacrima Olea with PDO Baix Ebre-Montsià of the Farga variety.

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It is an ancestral variety of monumental olive trees, some of them ancient. Many planted before the so-called Little Ice Age, between 1300 and 1850, are now an important element of the territory’s landscape. The olives ripen early and the oil has a fresh aroma and a balanced taste between sweet, bitter and spicy.

No new plantations are currently being made due to their difficulty of harvesting and limited production.

These trees are usually found in rugged environments, with great difficulty in accessing them and their collection is completely traditional.



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ampolla farga (farg) lacrima olea cooperativa godall
FARGA olive oil PDO 0’5L