It is the main variety grown across the Iberian Peninsula, mainly focused in the south region of Andalusia. It owes its name to the fact that the olive it produces has a small tip on the top. Variety much appreciated for its ease of cultivation and quality obtained.

Sensory profile

Picual: Fruity virgin oil, with positive attributes of bitter, spicy and astringent that soften over time. The aroma of figs and fresh wood stands out.

ampolla picual lacrima olea cooperativa godall

Illustration associated with the variety picual: Circus Pygargus

Godall countryside is home to endangered animal species such as the bald eagle, the great horned owl, the goshawk and the Circus Pygargus among others.

Partida l’Espinalet (Godall) 40°40’24.17″N 0°26’5.04″E