(Baix Ebre – Montsià PDO)


Highly productive variety, with long harvesting season and slow entry into production. Very late ripening in the season. Not very resistant to drought and sensitive to cold. Moderately resistant to plagues.

Sensory Profile

Morruda: Green fruity-type virgin oil with a certain aromatic complexity, with secondary connotations of herbs and hints of artichoke or vegetables. In the mouth it is spicy (without being unpleasant), at the same time bitter and astringent, which can cover the sweetness and enhance a certain feeling of imbalance, although the final sensation is quite «fresh» for the plant connotations.

ampolla morruda lacrima olea cooperativa godall
segell DOP
oli del baix ebre montsia

Place associated with the variety morruda: Les Pedreres

An emblematic site of the Serra de Godall where the stone blocks were formerly extracted to produce the pieces of the mills. There are still remains of the unfinished work.

40°38’13.78″N 0°28’0.07″E