(Baix Ebre – Montsià PDO)


This oil is the product of a careful and laborious task of recovering lost estates where we still may find olive trees of the FARGA variety. They are certified to be over one thousand years old, having survived fires, frosts, droughts and all kinds of pests, and can still been admired, in all their beauty and majesty, in scattered places of the mountain range and the term of Godall.

It is an almost extinct variety that is no longer planted today because it has been replaced by more productive varieties.

You have in your hands the liquid essence of a piece of the history of these trees that we wish you to enjoy, as our ancestors have done for more than a thousand years.

Certification and traceability

Millennial olive trees: Godall Agricultural Cooperative is one of the mills that produce certified oil from ancient olive trees in the Sénia Territory. All this oil from millennial olive trees undergoes the chemical analytics and corresponding tasting panels to guarantee that the quality is supreme. With this, and a total control of the traceability of the product, the Millennial Farga Oil Guarantee Mark, granted by La Mancomunitat de la Taula del Sénia (EU-dependent organization), is achieved.

ampolla farga millenaria lacrima olea cooperativa godall
segell DOP
oli del baix ebre montsia
marca de garantia farga milenaria

Place associated with the variety: Pou les Piques Millennial Olive Trees (Godall)

Godall preserves a large number of ancient olive trees at the foot of the Serra de Godall (mostly of the Farga variety). These olive trees are part of our natural heritage.

40°38’35.17″N 0°26’48.26″E