Cooperativa de Godall. Molí d'oli

The Godall Cooperative

Joining forces is the fundamental cooperative principle. With this commitment, in 1949, the farmers of the village founded the Agricola de Godall. A cooperative society that, from day one, works for the sustainability of the farms of the members, the agricultural population and the development of the rural world.

Plegadores d'olives a Godall 1964

Our people

Direct from the farmer. From Godall to your home. From our people to your kitchen and table. This is our philosophy, enjoying an olive oil of extraordinary quality will make our territory, which is also yours, more sustainable.

Agrícola de Godall

We are a small cooperative, located in the heart of Montsià region, dedicated to production and marketing of olive oil coming exclusively from our members ’own harvest olives. Given the complicated economic context that the Catalan countryside is experiencing in recent years and, especially, the olive oil sector, this year we have launched the development of a strategic plan to help achieve the following objectives: (1st) to dynamize and diversify the activity of the Cooperative; (2nd) improve the profitability of the products provided by the partners; and (3rd) ensure medium- and long-term cooperative survival.


The Catalan Agricultural Cooperative Society and Credit Section R.L. de Godall (Cooperativa de Godall), was founded in 1949 to provide fertilizers and other products for livestock, in order to get better prices for members.

In 1959, the Mill Section was created to collect the olives and transform them into oil, in order to avoid speculation by traders. Subsequently, in order for the Cooperative to be able to access the packaging subsidy that was granted for a few years, the Agrícola de Godall was grouped with the Cooperativa de la Galera, Ulldecona and more recently, Mas de Barberans under the Acomont brand, forming a second-level cooperative.

In 1964, the Winery Section was created to collect the grapes and transform them into wine, according to the same concept mentioned above. A building was built with the corresponding machinery and an initial capacity of 600,000 litres, this initiative was very well received and after two years an expansion of 400,000 litres was made. From then on, it began to be packaged in glass bottles and sold in the shops of villages in the area, from Peñíscola to Salou, having a great reception and creating a large market. It lasted until 1988 when, as a result of the fall in wine prices and EU subsidies to boot the vineyards, this crop disappeared from the municipality of Godall.

The Credit Section (Caixa Rural at the time) was created in 1966. It was a great success and has been the engine of the Cooperative until today.

In 1981, the Fruit Section was created, due to the gradual replacement of the vineyard by fruit trees, mainly peaches and apricots. This section had its heyday between 1990 and 1992 when marketed over one million kgs. of fruit throughout Spain and abroad, reaching even Russia. It was soon seen that the tendency of this section was to disappear as they mainly were rainfed plantations and once more subsidies were provided for the transformation into other crops.

The future for both the Godall Cooperative and the people is uncertain due to the progressive aging of the rural world and especially the peasantry.
We hope that with the help of everyone, and thanks to this will to make a product of the highest quality and proximity, we are going to be able to carry out this exciting project for all the members of the Godall Cooperative.
Godall Agricultural Board