(Baix Ebre – Montsià PDO)


Very old variety and very vigorous. Production is low and alternating among consecutive years, which makes it even less productive. The start of production is late along the season. Early ripening and clustering. Andro-sterile variety. The fruits have a high holding force, which makes mechanized harvesting difficult. Fly-attack sensitive.

Sensory profile

Farga: Medium to high fruity virgin oil, with distinctly green connotations (mowed grass and touches of green banana and walnuts, tomato and artichoke), with a tendency to give as a result a great balanced oils between sweet, bitter and spicy, with a slight final astringency. It is a very interesting oil either as a varietal or for blend and good storage, especially when it is harvested early. 

ampolla farga lacrima olea cooperativa godall
segell DOP
oli del baix ebre montsia

Place associated with the variety farga: Font l’Arboç

Fountain that springs most of the year because it is located in the lower part of the Serra de Godall. There is a large recreation area where people go for a weekend’s picnic. 

40°40’8.70″N 0°28’39.91″E