Productive and alternating variety. Entry into production is late. Early maturation and very compact. The fruits have a low resistance to detachment which facilitates mechanized harvesting. Rustic variety that adapts well to low quality soils and drought. Fly-attack sensitive. Highly valued fruit for the table.

Sensory profile

Intense fruity virgin oil with green and ripe notes that complement each other. In the mouth it is bitter and spicy with a final astringency that enhances bitter perceptions. However, it usually has a clear sweetness that balances the profile. Secondary aromas of low complexity but clearly reminiscent of nuts (new). This is a very particular profile and is usually well accepted for cooking, given that it is not dominant at the aromatic level. The sensory profile of the oil made with overripe olives becomes very sweet, flat and clearly ripe. 

ampolla empeltre lacrima olea cooperativa godall

Place associated with the variety: Mas de Merades

An old townhouse located on the western slope of the Godall Mountain range, according to legend, could be the origin of the village of Godall.

40°38’20.5″N 0°26’24.6″E