The base of the ecological oil Lacrima Olea of the Agricultural of Godall, are the olives cultivated ecologically and certified by the CCPAE (Catalan Council of the Organic Agricultural Production). These olives must be free of potential contaminants, following strict controls that give approval (where applicable) of the ecological certificate. At the same time, given their weakness against diseases, they must be collected in perfect conditions of maturity and with a special treatment.

The ecological variety of Lacrima Olea, has the certification stamps of the European Union and also of BIO-SIEGEL (Germany) and AB Agriculture Biologique (France).

ECO certificates

ampolla ecologic lacrima olea cooperativa godall

Illustration associated with the variety: Blue lily

In some areas of the Serra del Godall, the karst (limestone) landscape is predominant, which facilitates the growth of emblematic native plants of the territory, such as the lily.

il·lustració de lliri blau Lacrima Olea

Partida del Pou la Figuera (Godall) 40°38’57.71″N 0°27’6.52″E