Originally from the area of Arbeca (Les Garrigues). It is the most widespread variety in Catalonia. It forms the basis of the PDOs «Siurana» in Tarragona and «Garrigues» in Lleida, and widely spread in Aragon. Super intensive plantations have recently expanded it around the world. Highly productive variety, early entry into production after plantation and little alternating among consecutive years. Rustic, frost-resistant and adaptable to different weather and soil conditions.

Sensory profile

Medium-fruity virgin oil, with a sweet attribute, but also very spicy and bitter notes, which indicate the presence of polyphenols. It has secondary aromas, reminiscent of freshly cut grass, green almonds and some hints of ripe fruit. Well suited for Christmas markets and well regarded by chefs looking for «low-key» oils. Oil widely used in blends, which does not interfere with the color profile and provides softness in the mouth.

ampolla arbequina lacrima olea cooperativa godall

Illustration associated with the variety: Old rural houses

The farmers stayed in the cottages during the week so they would not waste time returning to the village. The animals also stayed inside, at the bottom, and the farmers above, in the «beating».

Partida de les Planes Altes (Godall) 40°40’44.75″N 0°24’18.45″E