Cooperative of Godall

Direct from the cooperative to your home.

Own cultivation, harvesting, milling, coupage & packaging

Millennial oil / PDO / Bio / …

Packs Lacrima Olea

Lacrima Aroma

Own harvesting and limited production

Millenial Oil & PDO

From the oldest millennial “Farga” olive trees, listed by the official body of the “Mancomunitat de la Taula del Sénia”, we do extract our star product: LACRIMA OLEA MIL•LENARIA.
The collection process is followed by a strict control by the certification body, in order to guarantee the origin and traceability of the final product.
The oil extracted from the FargaMorruda and Sevillenca olive varieties are bottled under the Protected Designation of Origin Baix Ebre-Montsià.
These are varieties that are native to the area and currently only allow traditional cultivation, which makes them environmentally friendly.


Cooperative oil

Produced by ourselves. Lacrima Olea and Moli Clapises are two olive oil brands cultivated, harvested, produced, packaged and distributed directly by the Godall Cooperative itself. Without intermediaries, from the Cooperative, direct to your home.